Home Cleaning Business Plan

today! Here’s why:

No matter what skills you have or what trade or profession you are in, the amount of money you can earn is severely limited by the number of hours in the day you can work. Aha!So now we can say:

A better business is one in which you can recruit and train others to do what you can do. This leaves you free to manage and grow the business,Even so, we still can’t say that it is best business to be in. We can’t say it because some trades and professions have much higher billable hourly rates than others.
Copywriting, and especially direct-response copywriting, is undoubtedly one of the highest paid professions in the world!Copywriters tend to be pretty smart. A copywriter and an attorney are discussing fees:

Lawyer: “My fees start at $150 an hour.

”Copywriter: “I charge from $1 a word.

”Lawyer: “Wow! I can’t think of any word worth a $1.

Gimme an example?”Copywriter: “Gimme a $1.

”Lawyer: “Okay. Here’s your $1.

”Copywriter: “THANKS!”So, is copywriting the world’s best business to be in?I say NO!I say Info-Marketing on the Internet is undoubtedly the world’s best business to be in!It doesn’t necessarily have to be an e-book that reveals copywritingsecrets and a list of words that sell. Although that would sell well to abusiness-2-business market. But it does have to be an info-product that’s designed to satisfy the needs and wants of a specific niche market.

Simple, huh?Well, not exactly. If it were that simple, everybody with a how-to info-book and a direct-response website would be rich.

As I see it, only about 5% of Internet s