Acne and pigmentation are welcomed by none. And for those with Dry skin, dealing with this could be no less than an unpleasant dream.

Dry skin is the most sensitive of all skin types. This makes it more prone to rashes, acne, dark spots and pigmentation. Exposure to UV rays and free radical damage results in skin irritation as well.

Daily skin care is important to get your skin ready everyday, especially when you have
a dry skin type. The products you choose must have ingredients that can lock the moisture in, balance the skin pH and prevent the skin barrier. Also, they must prevent the skin from everyday environmental damage. However, choosing the appropriate product for Dry skin is a crucial task.

Let’s help you have a simple and fuss free skin care regimen –

Double Cleansing just saves the day –

Double cleansing your skin aids it to break down dirt and impurities, keeping it balanced and healthy. However, it is necessary to choose the right cleanser combination, when you have dry skin type or you can run into a disaster.

Harsh cleansers can rip off the healthy lipids and ceramides making the skin even more drier. Oil-based cleansers are generally recommended. You can opt for cleansing balms infused with shea butter, hemp or coconut oil followed by PHA-based cleanser. It’ll help you boost hydration and prevent the skin’s lipid barrier. Do not forget to moisturize your skin.

A hydrating face wash works wonders –