Make Yourself Important. The “Rush Limbaugh” Marketing Approach

If you tune to the Rush Limbaugh radio show every day, these
words may be deeply stuck in your mind:

“I am the best most-listened-to talk show in America!”

It is annoying to many listeners, especially those s are new
to his show. There is nothing humble in the way Rush talks
about himself. I felt myself blushing the first time I heard
him talk – can he REALLY say these things about himself??

This is what you would call a “blatant, shameless
self-promotion” if it was posted on a public forum.

“Rush Limbaugh is truly a remarkable man. If you don’t
believe that, just ask him!”, sarcastically says the
SonsOfLiberty.Org (

After listening to Rush’s show for over 4 years now, I became
a believer. I truly believe that he is the most-listened-to
talk radio host in America. I truly believe that he is among
the most intelligent and wisest political speakers out there.

The power of hypnotizing with words.

Do marketers use the same strategy to hypnotize their
prospects into believing they’re the best? You bet they do!

How many times have you seen these statements on web sites or
in the promotional e-mails you receive:

– “The best Desktop software on the Net!”
– “The easiest way to design your own