Staying Current to Meet Changing Retail Technology Needs

Technology always changes the way we work and the way our business works. It isn’t just about performing our business functions better either. It’s also about servicing the needs of our customers better. And it takes today’s retail technology advances to help achieve this because it didn’t exist cohesively before.

So, chances are, you need to change your current system.

In a recent retail chains study by Retail Technologies Inc., it was found that 52% ofe mid-sized retailers stated that one of their biggest challenges was keeping up with changing new technology; 46% of larger retailers also faced issues trying to keep up with technology changes.

Alicia Kreisberg, Chief Operating Officer and co-owner of One Step Data, states, “In the computer software and hardware industry, developments move at an exponential rate, with software/hardware life expectancies averaging only 2-4 years.”

The retail service and technology provider company’s primary objective, according to Kreisberg, is to ensure the success of their customers. “One of the things that will ensure you get the best results is staying current with the latest system advancements. You don’t want the very thing that is helping make your business more profitable to keep you from further expansion.”

Keeping up with changing retail technology is a costly investment, as retailers need to have current technology stay current. There is often lack of flexibility to implement new changes, and usually it is very time-intensive to integrate the new technology so everything works. And, need I mention the diffic